Bespoke Jewellery - Handmade for you

Our craftsmen can give you the opportunity to design and be involved in the creation of your very own bespoke piece of jewellery that symbolises your personality and individuality. Using the finest of diamonds, gems and precious metals our jewellers can create an individual piece of art, that can be worn with pride and which can be passed on to future generations.

Not only can we make bespoke new pieces but we can also take your old, worn and broken pieces of jewellery and remodel them into beautiful personal jewellery that you can take renewed pleasure in wearing.

As your jewellery is designed and made here on the premises by our jewellers, you can be completely satisfied that you have a uniquely West Australian made piece.

We work to your budget and you’ll be surprised how affordable our jewellery can be.  Come in and see our experienced team for an obligation free quote.