Recently we went on a buying trip to Sydney to go to the International Jewellery Fair to hand pick some new interesting pieces for stock, new tools for the workshop and to see what is new and trending in the jewellery world. We came across some beautiful opals and that is what I want to show you today as Opal is the birthstone for October.

We now have some beautiful green and blue opal with swirling colours that look as deep as the southern ocean that we live close to and some stones with so much glittering red and orange they look like they are on fire. We are waiting on you to come in with your designs to turn these beautiful opals into your own cherished pieces.


An interesting piece of trivia - about 90% of the worlds opal is mined from Australia and it is our national gemstone. 

Argyle Diamonds

We are excited to tell you we have received a shipment of gorgeous white Argyle diamonds. Perfect for that engagement ring you have been thinking of getting made or as a treat for someone you love these diamonds are the best around. 

With GIA certificates, Laser inscription and Argyle authenticity cards you can be sure that these stones were mined from the Argyle mine in W.A. and we have only selected the brightest, most well cut stones with the highest clarity available for that once in a lifetime piece.


Tanzanite is in!

The deep purplish blue Tanzanite is not only the birthstone for December but it is a very rare stone only found in a few mines in Africa and when those mines are exhausted there will be no more Tanzanite available.

We are lucky enough to have a few pieces here to play with and come up with some designs that I hope you love as much as we do.